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How To Put Pictures In Your Post.

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  • How To Put Pictures In Your Post.

    How To Include Pictures:
    Pictures can be worth a thousand words but just how do you add those pictures? You have two choices. You can upload to the forums or you can up load to an image hosting site.

    Either way you start by clicking on the upload image icon in the toolbar at the top of the compose box of the Advanced Composer or Quick Reply.

    This brings up the attach image dialog.

    You will need to chose between the top two tabs, From Computer (upload from your computer)or From URL (a link to your image where you have it hosted).

    If you chose from computer you would click select file at the bottom to select a file from your computer.
    When you select a file or files you will see the option to upload files(s). To upload the file(s) you click the button.

    To use an image hosted by a image site you would click "From URL"

    When the URL Screen comes up uncheck "Retrieve file and reference locally" if you want to remote link or leave checked to upload to DIY. Paste in a URL in the box. URL must end in a image file format such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF.

    Two good sites for image hosting are Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket and ImageShack®. However some sites are blocked. Tinypic is one you can't use. Flikr does not allow direct linking to an image so the Insert Image function of this forum can't be used. You can put in an HTML link that readers can click on. The BB code they provide may work in this forum. I haven't tested it.

    Once you have uploaded your picture to a photo sharing site you can alternately just include the URL in your post and skip the above instructions.The forum software will make it an active link automatically.

    Also you can start your own photo album(s) and link back to the images there to insert images into your post if you like.

    The image file types that you can upload and size are:
    .bmp / 620 x 620 / 2000kb
    .gif / 620 x 620 / 2000kb
    .jpe / 620 x 620 / 2000kb
    .jpeg / 620 x 620 / 2000kb
    .jpg / 800 x 800 / 100000kb
    .png / 620 x 620 / 2000kb

    Let me know if this helps you and let me know if you need more help and I will see what I can do.
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