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  • Howdy

    I've been following ham radio off and on since a sixth grade teacher had his own shack right on school property, with a full dipole strung up in the trees. (That was many years ago, I'm an old-er fart now.) But I only recently bought my first two rigs, an RTL-SDR and Pixie 2 QRP kit. I know they're not great but you have to start somewhere.

    I'm not yet licensed but I will be doing lots of listening when the Pixie kit arrives. (It's currently on the slow boat from eBay heaven.) I'm not able to send or receive Morse yet. And the kit is CW-only. But I do know enough Arduino to build a decoder/encoder, so I'll be testing that out initially.

    Aside from amateur radio I'm starting a manufacturing business where I will be building various small niche products. The first niche product is a chicken coop door opener/coop monitor with phone notifications.

    Are there any local hams which would be willing to test my rig when it's built? Just a quick CQ.

    73 & GB
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