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Posting Rules

Forum Posting Rules:

The following is a list of basic guidelines about what is and is not allowed while posting on our site. Please read through all of these rules before using our site and contact us if you have questions..

  • Users shall treat each other with respect at all times on Name calling, personal attacks, or other inappropriate behavior will not be allowed and may cause you account to be banned.
  • No pornographic material or links to pornographic material may be posted on this site. EVER! This includes all sexually suggestive images.
  • Profanity shall be kept to a minimum.
  • You may only post material and content that you own. Posting copyrighted material, trademarks, and other violations of the DMCA is prohibited..
  • By using this site, you agree to maintain and use only one account. If you need to re-register for some reason, please contact a member of the Moderation Team. If you are found to have more than one user account, it will be evaluated by the Admins and will likely result in banning. As always, there are extreme exceptions that will be looked into at the Admins’ discretions.

These rules may be altered at anytime without notice so please check this page often. Thanks.